April Swell


Release Date 18th May 2019, April Swell is a beautiful ballad about a father and daughter.

Stand here and watch the sun, stand here and watch it fade away… today,

Waves crash we make believe, Mermaids will come and take us away… someday,

Hold tight and don’t let go, these caves they scare me and I’m afraid to stay,

We’ve walked for so long now, how long before we can go home and play,

The April swell she takes a life, the affliction and the pain she leaves behind,

You have no right she was all mine and I don’t give a damn of your reasons why,

Bring her back, Bring her back, Bring her back

Bring her back, Bring her back, Bring her back

Five years you gave us light, five years and now your spirits gone… away,

Your daddy’s with you now, he’ll hold your hand and never lead… you astray,

My Sunday’s were so bright, but now there just a hollow cave in my life,

When will we meet again, I hope you remember me and we’ll be friends,

So here I stand, I don’t know why, how can this pain be so real inside….makes me cry,

You were just going for the day, and now you have gone and left me for eternity,

I question my mortality the endless search for answers I have no right…. to hear,

Forever lost i cannot find the timeless thoughts and grace you leave behind… my love.